Hearing Aids

Get Ready For Better Hearing

If hearing aids are the correct treatment for your type of hearing loss, our audiologists offer a wide selection of digital hearing devices with cutting-edge technology.  We not only present solutions tailored to your budget and lifestyle, but also service your needs for the life of the hearing aids (cleaning, batteries, adjustments, etc.).  Hearing aids offered at the Hearing & Balance Institute are customized, easy to use, powerful, reliable, and use wireless connectivity.

60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee on All Hearing Aids
It takes time to adjust to listening with hearing aid technology.  If you would like to try a hearing aid for the first time, or even try an upgraded device, the Hearing & Balance Institute offers a 60-day risk-free guarantee. Sixty days will allow you to determine if you like how it feels, looks and sounds as you go through your normal daily routine.


Receiver in the Ear

• Mild to moderate hearing losses
• Leaves the ear canal open for a natural sound quality
• Smallest external hearing aid, as the receiver is located in the end of the tube inside the ear
• Very small case that sits behind the ear making it practically invisible


Behind the Ear

• Mild to severe hearing losses
• Fully featured hearing aids
• Larger case can be easier for wearers with dexterity considerations


High Power

• Profound hearing loss
• More powerful solutions that provide the greatest levels of amplification
• Larger case worn behind the ear


Completely in Canal

• Mild to moderate hearing losses
• Very small case
• Fits inside the ear canal, making it practically invisible
• Size prevents the use of directional microphones


In the Canal

• Mild to moderately severe hearing losses
• Small, one piece case
• Fits inside the ear canal
• Directional microphones are possible with this model


Half Shell

• Mild to severe hearing losses
• Small case
• Fits inside the ear canal, and is partially visible
• Directional microphones