Ear Problems and Treatment

Our ears can be very vulnerable to infection, injury, and hearing loss.  If you suspect that you or your loved one has a problem with their ears or hearing, ensure optimal hearing healthcare by seeking a medical diagnosis from a physician at the Hearing & Balance Institute of Utah.

Ear Infections, Ear Aches, Otitis Media
When fluid becomes trapped in the middle ear, it leads to swelling and pain.  Commonly referred to as an ear infection, this inflammatory condition strikes people of all ages, but is especially common in children.  Typically, if caught early, antibiotics will be prescribed, and the ear infection usually goes away pretty rapidly. Read More (English / Spanish)

Ear Tubes
When ear infections become chronic, an ear tube can be inserted to allow air to pass through the ear drum and the middle ear.  Ear tube surgery is among the most performed surgeries by our doctors and is 97% effective at eliminating future ear infections.  We hear a lot of appreciative comments from parents after their child’s ear tube surgery because “my kid actually sleeps through the night now” and “my kid’s speech is developing faster now.” Read More

Video: Ear Infections


Below are other common types of disorders that affect the ear and that we successfully treat.

Cholesteatoma is a unique disease of your ear in which a skin cyst grows into the middle ear and mastoid.  The cyst is not cancerous but can erode tissue and cause destruction of key parts of your ear. Read More (English / Spanish)

Ear Wax
Your ear is constantly pushing old, dead cells as part of its normal self-cleaning routine.  If wax builds up, a physician can safely remove it by prescribing ear drops designed to soften wax, or he may wash or vacuum it out.  Read More

Otosclerosis is where a bony growth around one of the tiny bones of the middle ear restricts proper movement and consequently affects the function of the ear.  In some cases, a surgical procedure called a stapedectomy is required to correct this disorder. Read More (English / Spanish)

Perforated Eardrum
If an ear drum is ripped or torn, it can usually heal itself under the careful watch of an ear, nose and throat specialist.  At times a patch may be used to help the healing process.  In certain cases, surgery is needed. (English / Spanish)

Swimmer’s Ear
At times water trapped in the ear can cause inflammation due to bacteria or fungal organisms.  A physician can prescribe ear drops to reduce pain and treat the infection. Read More

Many people suffer from hearing an intermittent sound or an annoying, continuous sound in one or both ears.  This is often thought of as a “ringing” in the ears.  Physicians will use a number of diagnostic and treatment options to help the problem. Read More